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About Us

We’re committed to our customers diverse construction sweeping needs. Our team is skilled and proficient in all types of construction sweeping.

Since 1958, we’ve been sweeping.  We’ve helped in the direction of modern-day sweeping equipment and take pride in being one of the largest construction sweeping organizations in California.

Our commitment to our customers has enabled us to become the fastest growing full-service construction sweeping company on the West Coast.  With locations throughout California (Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Central Valley, LA) we’re ready to dispatch sweepers for your jobs: 24/7, 7 days a week.

We understand the importance of construction sweeping. We make sure your construction site is clean and the dust levels are kept to a minimum. We operate the latest high-dump sweepers, both mechanical broom and regenerative air.

Our industry leading mechanics keep our fleet in the best condition, so your job is not at risk of being slowed down. Each of our locations has mechanics specialized in maintaining our heavy equipment to make sure our rigs are always sweeping.

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Seasoned Operators

Statewide Contracting of America sweeping employs proactive operators who are seasoned and professional on the construction job sites. We get your construction sweeping and clean-up needs done RIGHT!

Our fleet is made up of the latest in high dump technology to dump directly into debris box or haulers. Our fleet meets all state and federal air resource board requirements.

Because of our multiple locations, we’re able to serve you throughout California and we will travel with your crews for out of state jobs as well.

Our operators are committed to safety and picking it up! Call 510-683-9584 today for a free quote. Thank you.

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