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Mechanical Broom Sweepers

These units have gutter brooms that gather the material in front of a main pickup broom that transfers the material onto a mechanical conveyance device. This device is either a belt conveyor or a squeegee system, depending on the application. The material is conveyed up and deposited into the debris hopper. Most broom sweepers are built with a high dump feature that allows for depositing the debris into a dump truck.

Regenerative Air Sweepers

These sweepers make use of gutter brooms to window the material to a pickup head that utilizes an air swirling action to lift the debris and air convey it to the debris hopper. Most regenerative air sweepers are also chassis mounted and deposit the debris onto the ground. Some regenerative air sweepers do offer a high dump feature. Vacuum sweepers are designed to pick-up finer materials than their broom sweeper counterparts.

Water Trucks

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